Aviation management is the task of ensuring that flight operations run smoothly, passengers receive quality service on time, security is maintained and commercial operations such as airport duty-free shopping and airport retailing complex turn a good profit.

This course covers the fundamental aspects of aviation such as overview of civil aviation, principles of Management, Aiport Terminal Operations, Aviation security ,Business Communication ,Airport operations, In-Flight service Management, Cabin crew & Ground staff Handling etc..

Career Options

Careers can range from airline manager to airfield operation manager. For those seeking aviation management careers without first attaining a graduate degree, jobs include:

  • Airline Manager
  • Airport Manager
  • Airport Security Manager
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Systems Management
  • Business Management
  • Freight and Cargo Management
  • Airfield Operator

Course Structure

Diploma in Aviation, Tourism & Hospitality Management

Duration- 1 year
Eligibility- plus two pass